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TJGI seeks to educate urban and at risk youth by enhancing school systems and enriching the community about education. We promote social, spiritual, and economic development through various community initiatives.


Educate |   Encourage |    Execute



The Mission aspect of the organization focuses ON ways to make A GREATER hands on impact in the lives of people domestically and internationally.


Therefore, our objective is to highlight the needs of the people in areas abroad. Our programs have successfully reached Africa in the nations of Uganda and Nigeria.


Here on the home front we have established The Multicultural Apprenticeship Center also known as TMAC. An educational and youth center where we have developed a STEM program approach to empower the next generation.


The MESSAGE aspect of the organization focuses on providing forums to receive tools that will assist them as an individual, a leader and/or family member. We do this by providing workshops, symposiums and summits for developmental purposes. In addition we bring people together for prayer and reflection.


The Music aspect of the organization provides creative ways to reach people through music, arts and entertainment.


Throughout the year multiple opportunities are also presented for those who wish to enhance their craft in those industries.


The Tribute Heritage is one of our annual events where the emphasis is put on the historical facts and paired with legendary musical talent to inspire artist young and old.

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