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Tomar Jackson was born in Philadelphia, PA. He is the son of parents that were about working in the  community. They raised him to follow in their path . He received his early education in private schools in Philadelphia. After graduating high school he later attended Drexel University.


Tomar started volunteering early in his youth at a variety of  community organizations. It was then that he was viewed as a natural born leader. Leaders from diverse backgrounds began mentoring him to enhance his leadership skills. This lead Tomar to become open to understanding and helping a very diverse population. At the age of twelve Tomar became an advocate as a member of a Youth Advisory Board. As a participant on this board, Tomar found himself advising many of his peers and sometimes their parents.  Tomar had insight on things way beyond his years and many respected his leadership abilities. At age seventeen, Tomar realized his purpose in life and wanted to explore its possibilities. His exploration lead to more volunteering with other organizations which allowed him more opportunities to continue advising and motivating others.


Tomar eventually found himself being selected to be the president of a youth organization in the Southwest area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  After assessing the situation, identifying a solid team, doing some training  and implementing some programs, the organization flourished. Under his leadership, the organization grew from twenty active participants to over three hundred participants in less than a year. Tomar operated in this capacity for several years before continuing his growth. His path eventually led him to advising youth, executives in community organizations and corporations. Ultimately Tomar is committed to doing all he can to make a difference in the city, state, country and global communities.


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